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Streamlined, Low Profile For Fast Presentation; Different Styles For Carry & Competition

Streamlined, all-steel sights fit low on the slide to resist snags that can impede the draw. Provide fast front sight recognition and enhanced field-of-view for quick target acquisition under stress—excellent for concealed carry or tactical competition. Rear sights are drift-adjustable for windage, with a locking setscrew to stay put. Some fitting may be required to install all these sights. Sevigny Competition rear sight fits the popular Novak slide cut and features a square notch, rear face angled slightly back to eliminate glare, and nominal 1⁄8" radiused corners to help prevent hang-ups during the draw. Plain black finish without distracting points, edges, or serrations provides excellent contrast in bright daylight. Tactical rear sight for Smith & Wesson SW1911 has patent pending, “Wave Profile” contour with cut-out, concave outer corners to ensure a smooth, snag-free presentation. The U-shaped notch provides an extra wide field of view to help you find the front sight fast.

1911, Issue:11, Page:047
Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:136
Sinclair, Issue:1A, Page:043

SPECS: Hardened steel, matte black finish. Sevigny - Requires Novak .500" x 65° slide cut for installation. Rear Sight - .165" wide notch.

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Sight Color: Black

Style: Low-Profile