Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Softens Felt Recoil, Tames Muzzle Rise & Reduces Frame Wear

Dual action, captive-spring system cushions the recoil impulse to reduce gun wear and tame muzzle jump for fast follow-up shots and accurate shot placement. Full-length, stainless steel guide rod fully supports the recoil spring through the entire compression/expansion cycle to provide smoother cycling and improved function. A second, fully enclosed spring in the guide rod acts like a car shock absorber to slow slide velocity and reduce frame impact. Prolongs the life of frame and slide without compromising reliability. ?Available with recoil springs calibrated for Government model in .45 ACP. Easy, drop-in installation requires no alterations to gun.

1911, Issue:11, Page:015
Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:108
Sinclair, Issue:1A, Page:015

SPECS: 416 stainless steel, natural matte finish. Fits full-size Government model with 5” barrel and clones. Instructions included.

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