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CNC Machined For Tactical & Competition Applications

Sturdy, machined aluminum creates extra strong, long-lasting grips that withstand years of hard, tactical use. Checkering features unique, smooth-top diamonds with square edges for a very comfortable and secure grip that won’t drag on clothing and gives you a firm grip for a positive draw in tactical and competition situations. Half grip pattern creates an distinctive, eye catching look that is fully functional and comfortable.Overall dimensions as well as screw holes, and safety cutout are CNC precision machined.

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SPECS: Aluminum, anodized. Full Size grips fit Govt/Commander. 4-1⁄8" (10.5cm) long, approximately ¼" (6.7mm) thick. Compact grips fit Officers model. 3-1⁄8" (7.9cm) long, approximately ¼" (6.7mm) thick.
Discontinued by Brownells

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.