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FITS: Mod 17,9mm;Mod 19,9mm;Mod 20,10mm;Mod 21,.45 ACP;Mod 22,.40 S&W;Mod 23,.40 S&W;Mod 26,9mm;Mod 27,.40 S&W;Mod 29,10mm;Mod 30,.45 ACP,Mod 31,.357 SIG;Mod 32,.357 SIG;Mod 33,.357 SIG,Mod 34,9mm;Mod 35,.40 S&W;Mod 37,.45 GAP;Mod 38,.45GAP

Slide Stop Lever & Spring - fits 9mm, .40, .357 (NOT 2-pin G17/G17L/G34) (marked 2912, 2912-2, 2912-3), - including Gen4's

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GLOCK - Slide Stop Lever w/Spring

Slide Stop Lever w/Spring
100002725Slide Stop Lever w/Spring

Mfr Part: SP02919


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Caliber: 38/357 Caliber (.357-.359), 9 mm (.355-.356), 40/10 mm (.400-.401)

Finish: Blued

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Slide Stop Lever w/Spring