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Pre-Colored, Ready To Use, No-Cup Mixing, Non-Flammable Release Agent Can Ship Overnight

GLASBED bedding is the single best choice for the gun owner who wants to give his gun the accuracy and shot-to-shot consistency that only GLASBED bedding can. There’s no measuring involved, and nothing to clean up afterwards. The proportions are exact so you can’t make a mistake, and the working time is long enough for even a novice “bedder” to get everything positioned correctly long before the GLASBED bedding begins to set up. •Supplied in your choice of pre-dyed colors, either black or brown. The black matches black synthetic stocks and “brings the inletting to the metal”. The brown is a nice, medium, “walnutty” shade that blends well with most popular wood stocks. What’s so nice about these kits is the release agent. It’s every bit as effective as the stuff we’ve used for years with one, huge advantage; it’s non-flammable! That means we can ship GLASBED by air - so if you need it overnight, we can ship it overnight. If you’re located outside the Continental U.S., we can ship it to you. And, as with everything we sell, we guarantee your complete satisfaction, 100% - period.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:436
GLASBED KIT:1 fl. oz. (30 ml) Resin, 1 fl. oz. Hardener with Dye mixed in, 4cc non-flammable Release Agent, Two Release Agent Application swabs, Two 4½" (11.4cm) x 5½" (13.9cm) square sheets of Sandpaper to roughen stock surfaces, 2 Spreader sticks and Complete, Illustrated Instructions.


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