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The industry-standard stock bedding compound for more than a generation, Acraglas is now available in a full-featured kit with everything the professional gunsmith needs for taking on almost any-size bedding or repair job. Available with original-formula Acraglas, the hard, durable, non-shrinking bedding and accurizing compound preferred by riflesmiths all over the world, or longer-curing Acraglas Gel, with its butter-smooth consistency that won’t run, drip, or leach, and a stable, molecular lattice structure that won’t crack, craze, or “sugar out.” These self-contained kits come with everything you need to get the job done—except the rifle. Both include plenty of hardener, dyes, release agent, solvent/thinner, measuring/mixing cups, applicators, masking materials, and instructions. You also get fast-setting Acra-Quick™ and Acra-20™ two-part epoxies for fast repairs. Acra-Quick/Acra-20 are unmatched for strength, hardening speed, and their ability to bond to almost any material, including wood, metal, and plastics with all the famous strength and holding power of Acraglas. The kit also includes the reusable, “goof proof” applicator gun that automatically mixes epoxy and hardener in to a precise 1-to-1 ratio for proper bonding as you apply it to the work area. All of this comes packed in a convenient, go-anywhere “ammo box” carry/storage case.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:417

SPECS: Both kits contain 16 oz. Acraglas solvent/thinner, 3 oz. release agent, 14 oz. Acra-Release aerosol, 50 ml Acra-20 cartridge, 50ml Acra-Quick cartridge, applicator gun, 1 oz. brown dye, 1 oz. black dye, 16 oz. masking clay, (100) mixing sticks, (50) 1 oz. mixing cups, (25) applicator swabs, (12) applicator brushes, (2) epoxy mixing pads, 36 yds. 2" bedding tape, 12 ft. surgical tubing, and instructions, all packed in a tough, molded-polymer carrying case with lift-out tray. Acraglas Kit includes 28 oz. Acraglas resin, 7 oz. Acraglas hardener, 8 oz. Acraglas floc, and (4) measuring spoons. Acraglas Gel Kit includes 8 oz. Acraglas Gel resin, 8 oz. Acraglas Gel hardener, and (10) 8 oz. plastic mixing cups


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