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All The Features Of The Best Possible Epoxy In A New, Easy-To-Use Applicator

The most sophisticated epoxy/compound yet formulated for the gunsmith, knifemaker, woodworker, craftsman, or hobbyist for repairing, restoring, filling or bonding. Our new application gun system makes it even easier to use. Precise control over the flow and bead makes for perfect, permanent repairs to metal, wood, concrete, glass or ceramics. Has many times the strength of polyesters and withstands vibration, oils, practically all acids, solvents, and abrasion. Can be colored using our Water Soluble Dyes, Epoxy Black, or liquid ACRAGLAS® Dyes shown elsewhere in this catalog. Working time of 15-20 minutes. Parts joined with ACRA-WELD do not have to fit perfectly to achieve maximum bond as required by most extra strength adhesives.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:440
Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:508
New Product Supplement, Issue:572, Page:003
SPECS: Set contains: 1 (one) 1.6 fl.oz. (50ml) ACRA-WELD cartridge, 2 mixing tips and application gun. Refill Kit contains: 1 (one) 1.6 fl.oz. (50ml) ACRA-WELD cartridge, 2 mixing tips.