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Eliminates Bedding Disasters; Provides A Clean, Professional Look

Aluminum filler blocks replace the Remington 700 bottom metal to prevent epoxy overflow that can cause parts to be permanently bonded to the stock. CNC machined to slightly oversize dimensions to ensure original or custom parts fit stress-free with little to no extra cleanup. Produces a straight, flat, bedded surface that looks custom-molded for a truly professional look. BDL Kits include filler blocks for both the magazine well and the floorplate assembly to allow bedding the sides of the magazine well if desired. Filler blocks remove easily after the bedding has hardened; simply tighten the extraction screws against the provided bolt recess rod. Models for BDL short (SA) and long action (LA) rifles available. ADL includes a filler block to replace the triggerguard on ADL short and long actions. Extra long screw provides leverage to gently lift out the block after bedding. ADL/BDL Kit includes all filler blocks for bedding ADL/BDL short and long action rifles.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:66, Page:442
New Product Supplement, Issue:621, Page:015

SPECS: 6061 aluminum filler blocks, bead-blasted finish; steel, blued hardware. BDL Kit includes floorplate block, magazine block, 11⁄16" dia. bolt recess rod, hardware and Allen wrench. ADL includes triggerguard block and hardware. ADL/BDL Kit includes all blocks and hardware for ADL and BDL short and long action.