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Increase Tensile and Compression Strength of Acraglas Gel

Atomized (finely powdered) metals can be added to Acraglas Gel to increase both tensile and compression strength, along with higher impact resistance. This feature allows you to duplex-bed guns using reinforced Acraglas Gel where the recoil lug contacts the bedding and un-reinforced Acraglas Gel or Acraglas for the less stressed areas of the stock. Atomized metals can be added in ratios from 1 part metal to 4 parts mixed bedding , up to 1:1 ratio of metal to bedding mix. We offer five atomized metals: ALUMINUM - Very malleable with ­excellent machinability for easy drilling, tapping, shaping; STEEL - Offers a full 10% increase in tensile and compression strength over un-reinforced bedding; requires metal working tools for trimming and shaping and is heavier than aluminum; STAINLESS STEEL - All the attributes of steel particles but with a medium gray finish and no fear of rust formation on surface of bedding.

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