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Actually Dyes The Epoxy For Perfect Color

Traditional Brown, Jet Black, Camo Green and White "Toner" dyes actually mix with any epoxy to give even, true color throughout. Use straight for stock bedding or mix with White "Toner" to match wood for crack repair, patching, invisible bedding lines. When bedding fiberglass stocks that are to be painted using our Camo Paints, the Brown, Jet Black and Camo Green colors are a perfect match, so bedding lines won't show. Brown is also the same as in ACRAGLAS and ACRAGLAS GEL® Kits. Use a very small amount of Jet Black to duplicate grip caps, buttplates, etc., in casting molds. White "Toner" doesn't cast pure white; use to lighten other colors.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:66, Page:441
SPECS: Packaged 1 fl. oz. (29.5ml) dye in screw-cap plastic jar. Try-Pak contains 1 jar of each color.