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Uses Heat & Gentle Pressure To Make Custom Stock Adjustments

Precision jig helps you gently bend a shotgun or rifle stock to change cast-on/cast-off, and add or remove drop. Eliminates the messy, “hot oil” method traditionally used to bend stocks. On most jobs, you won’t even have to refinish or re-checker the stock. Uses heat provided by two, high-intensity, infra-red heat lamps commonly available at hardware and home center stores (not included) to soften the wood, while the screw jacks let you slowly, incrementally mold the stock for a custom fit to a particular shooter. After determining the adjustments to be made, clamp the stock securely in the jig, turn on the heat lamps for approximately 5 hours, and when the wood has softened, tighten the jacks to start bending. The key is to stop as soon as you encounter resistance and let the lamps continue to heat and soften the stock before tightening the jacks more. Using the jig requires relatively little actual work time; most of the time, the jig is working while you’re doing something else. Steel components, with a rigid plywood base. Can be wall mounted.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:66, Page:434

SPECS: Steel and wood. Approximately 41" (104cm) long, 10" (25.4cm) wide, 17½" (44.4cm) high. Approximately 38 lbs. (14kg) weight. Requires 110-120 volt AC power supply. Instructions included.