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Plug Most Any Sight Or Scope Mount Hole On Blued & Stainless Steel Firearms

Handy, money saving assortment of positive stop and standard plug screws in the two most popular sizes. Plug screws are a real time saver around the shop. Fast and easy way to fill holes on barrels and firearm receivers. Can be ground flush and blued or polished, and most times it will be tough to tell if a hole was ever there. Positive stop screws have a rounded top that blends right in with most barrel contours without grinding. Kit also includes pair of chrome-plated, flat jaw tweezers to easily pick up the right screw, and our handy Checker/Shortener Jig makes grinding screws to the right length fast and easy.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:378
Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:379
SPECS: Available in blue and stainless steel (S/S). Kit contains 1 dozen S/S, 6-48 plug screws; 1 dozen S/S, 6-48 positive stop, plug screws; 2 dz. blue, 6-48, plug screws; 2 dz. blue, 6-48 positive stop, plug screws; 1 dz. blue, 6-40 plug screws (black oxide 416 stainless steel); 1 dz. blue, 8-40 plug screws; 1 dz. blue ,8-40 positive stop, plug screws; 1 dz. S/S, 8-40 plug screws; 1 dz. S/S, 8-40 positive stop plug screws packaged in a divided bench box. Refill paks contain 1 dz. screws per size.
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Size: Plug Screws