Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Ensures Sight Is Professionally Mounted & Securely Staked

Install 1911 Auto, tenon sights so they won’t fly off or shoot loose -- without damaging the sight or marking the slide. Solid steel mandrel fits into front of the slide; fixture adjusts to hold sight in place. Tap the hardened steel wedges with a hammer to displace the tenon material for a secure, professional installation that won’t shoot loose. Use to install all narrow and wide tennon, skirted front sights, including Trijicon and Millett, plus non-skirted front sights no less than .185" in height.

1911, Issue:11, Page:046
1911, Issue:11, Page:062
Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:150
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SPECS: Tool - Steel blue. Wedges - Tool steel, hardened. Kit includes tool, wide and narrow tenon wedges, cleanup shear and complete instructions. Fits all 1911 Autos except Officers ACP.

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