Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Main Sight Tool- A must have for Gunsmiths and Armorers.  The Sight Pro uses a unique clamping shoe design, plus 4 slide support pads and a white nylon spacer block to lock the slide in place while adjusting or replacing sights.  Two cuts on the lower section of the tool allow you to lock it in a bench vise.

Degree Block Assembly- Made for Glock and HK angled sight, this 30 degree block assembly allows you to easily adjust or replace the angled sights, preventing marring or damage that might occur if you used the straight wall press.

Slide Shoe- Unique clamping shoes are firearm specific.  These work with the MGW Sight Pro.

Square Block Assembly- Square Block Assembly-Replacement assembly for worn or damaged square blocks for the Sight Pro.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:500