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The Accurate, Professional Way To Mount Scopes & Sights

The Foster Scope Mounting Jig fills the exacting requirements of the most particular gunsmith. Will handle virtually all bolt action, lever action and pump guns! You have only to spoil one good gun with a faulty job and you've spent the price of the jig. We have sold a great number of these to gunsmiths during the recent years. The universal comment when we meet scope jig buyers later is "I don't know how I ever did business without it. Would rather almost do without my right arm than lose it now!"

The Forster Universal Sight Mounting Fixture was designed to fill the exacting requirements encountered in drilling and tapping holes for the mounting of scope mounts, receiver sights, shotgun beads, etc. The Fixture will handle virtually all bolt action, lever action and pump action guns including the Savage 99, Remington 760, etc.; in fact, any single barrel gun as long as the barrel can be laid into the "V" blocks of the Fixture. Tubular magazine guns are done in the same manner by first removing the magazine tube.

The Fixture will locate the holes to a standard, predetermined spacing built into the over-arm, or to any other spacing by sliding the over-arm in either direction. "Run out" of the drill is eliminated as it is guided through a hardened and ground drill bushing. Tapping is done through another bushing of the correct tap size, and eliminates cocking of the tap which is a major cause of tap breakage and sloppy holes. The sliding over-arm has three holes with standard spacing of .500" and .860" between centers into which the interchangeable drill and tap guide-bushings fit. The over-arm is keyed and slides in a "T" slot. It is always in true alignment with the exact center of the gun barrel.

The main body of the Fixture is cast aluminum. The two "V" blocks are adjustable for height and made of hardened steel accurately ground on the "V" as well as the shaft. Accuracy in every detail has been the first consideration!

It is truly a precision fixture that will save its cost over and over again while allowing you to do a really first class job on every gun that comes into your shop.

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SPEC: Approx. 20" (50.8cm) long. Comes complete with Drill and Tap Bushing Set for 6-48. Other bushings sold below.


Forster C-Clamp

Mfr Part: UF1000014


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