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Easy, Fast, Accurate Way To Hit Where You Aim

Advanced boresighting system projects a bright red laser dot precisely aligned with the centerline of the bore for sighting in scopes, red dots, and “iron” sights. quickly and easily. Just insert the boresighter into the chamber, close the action, and aim at a target 25 yards away. Adjust windage and elevation of scope or sights to align with the laser dot on the target. Permanently calibrated at the factory to project a 1.5" diameter dot at 100 yards. Separate, interchangeable “arbors” slide over the basic laser unit for sighting in other calibers without buying a whole new boresighter—a substantial cost savings. .223 boresighter accepts arbors for a variety of rifle calibers and 12 gauge shotgun; .30 Carbine boresighter accepts arbors for .38 Special/.357 Magnum and .45 Long Colt. Precision machined brass housing won’t mar the chamber and helps ensure a tight fit. Boresighter includes instructions and nylon storage case with room for 9 arbors; arbors sold separately.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:482
Mini-Catalogs, Issue:05, Page:012
New Product Supplement, Issue:631, Page:021

SPECS: Machined brass. Boresighters - Red laser, 645 nm, 5mW. 15-100 yards sighting range. 1.5" dot size at 100 yards. Includes (3) LR-41 batteries for .17 HMR, .223, 9mm; (4) L626 batteries for .30 Carbine. Battery life: 20 minutes continuous on. .17 HMR Boresighter fits .17 HMR rimfire only. 9mm Boresighter fits 9mm Luger only. .223 Boresighter fits .223 Rem/5.56mm NATO; required for .243, .30-06, .50 BMG, 12 gauge arbors. .30 Carbine Boresighter fits .30 Carbine; required for .38 Special/.357 Magnum and .45 Long Colt arbors. .243 Win Arbor also fits .308/7.62mm NATO, 8mm Mauser, 7mm-08, .260 Rem, 7.62 x 54mm, 7mm STE, .358 Win.,.444 Marlin. .30-06 Arbor also fits .25-06, .270 Win, .280 Rem, 8mm-06, .338-06, and .35 Whelen.