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Easy, Fast, Accurate Way To Sight In Your Gun Without Firing A Shot

Projects a bright red  laser dot so you can set scopes, red dots, or iron sights quickly and easily. Cone-shaped spud and interchangeable inserts automatically center the laser unit in the bore of any .22 to .50 caliber gun with a 4" or longer barrel for standard models and 3" or longer for mini models. Permanently calibrated with precision alignment tooling at the factory; projects a 2" to 3" diameter dot at 100 yards. CNC-machined from aluminum, then hardcoat anodized to protect the finish from nicks, dings, and surface wear. All models provide 1.5 hours continuous use. Automatic digital circuitry adjusts laser output to prevent brightness fade toward the end of battery life. Mini Universal Kit includes the laser unit with a 650-nanometer red laser, integral bore spud, and four inserts to fit any handgun or rifle up to .50 caliber. Uses 3 inexpensive 393 batteries, included.

Brownells Christmas , Issue:5X, Page:015

SPECS: Aluminum housing, hard anodized. Laser – Class IIIa, 5mw max output. Mini Kit -  available in  Universal model for .22 to .50 caliber guns with 3" or longer barrel. Bore sighter: Red finish. Kit contains adjustable Delrin adapters with mounting screws, three 393 batteries, hex wrench, daylight laser target, and complete instructions. 

Mini Boresighter Universal, 22-50 cal
100006842Mini Boresighter Universal, 22-50 cal

Mfr Part: MBS1


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Cartridge: 22 Long, 50 Caliber