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Plenty Of Leverage For Quick Barrel Removal & Installation

Heavy-duty wrench provides plenty of leverage for installing and removing barrel nuts when used with a 3/8" or ½" drive breaker bar, socket wrench, or torque wrench. Cut from 3/8" thick steel, with plenty of metal so it won’t flex under pressure while transferring the torque evenly to the nut. Models available for AR-15/M16, ArmaLite® AR-10® and DPMS/KAC AR-style .308 rifles. Armorer’s AR-15/M16 model has a built-in 10"-long handle for convenience, plus additional holes between pins help with proper gas tube alignment. Still includes 3/8" and ½" drive cutouts.

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SPECS: 1018 steel, black oxide finish. AR-15 fits mil-spec AR-15/M16/M4 and clones. AR-10 fits ArmaLite AR-10 only. DPMS/KAC fits DPMS and Knights Armament AR-style .308 rifles only.

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