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One Tool Checks Six Important Areas On Your M1 Garand

Convenient pocket tool helps you quickly and easily check tolerances of six critical areas of your M1 Garand: the bullet guide, both pre- and post-1949; muzzle wear (go/no-go); bolt/firing pin minimum/maximum protrusion; gas cylinder bearing (go/no-go); op rod go/no-go; and front sight width (to determine manufacturer). Eliminates the need for to track down, acquire, and store a collection of individual gauges. Durable black oxide finish with laser-etched lettering for long wear.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:503
New Product Supplement, Issue:641, Page:018

SPECS: 4130 steel, black oxide finish. 2½" (6.3cm) wide, 3½" (8.9cm) long.