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Enables Safe, Easy Firing Pin Removal

Machined aluminum and steel tool keeps the firing pin spring in place while you remove the cocking piece from the firing pin assembly of Remington and Ruger® bolt action rifles. Just insert the firing pin assembly into the housing, tighten the threaded steel shaft to compress the spring, press out the cross-pin, and gradually unscrew the shaft to relieve spring tension. Recessed ends and a wide shoulder on the shaft protect the firing pin tip as the tool presses on the bolt face.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:469

SPECS: Aluminum body, natural finish, steel threaded compression shaft, matte blued finish. 10¼" (26cm) OAL opened, 8¼" (21cm) OAL closed, 1" (2.54cm) wide, 1" high. Fits Remington 600, 700, 710, 721, 722, Model Seven, XP-100, M24, and 40X; Ruger® M77® and M77 Mark II, 77/22®, 77/17®, 77/44® bolt action rifles.


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