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Protect Receiver From Damage When Clamping

Securely clamps into a bench vise and supports the receiver from the inside for maintenance, repairs, or accessory installation. Machined from hard, self-lubricating, polyethylene that won’t scratch or mar the receiver finish. Fits carry handle or flattop receivers with .250" diameter pivot/takedown pin holes. Separate models to fit mil-spec AR-15/M16 or AR-style .308 from ArmaLite® and DPMS.

AR-15, Issue:09, Page:078
Brownells Christmas , Issue:3X, Page:018
Big Book Catalog, Issue:66, Page:076
Mini-Catalogs, Issue:05, Page:006

SPECS: Machined polyethylene, black. Fit upper receivers with .250" dia. pivot/takedown pin holes. AR-15/M16 – 7" (17.8cm) long, 1.8" (4.6cm) wide, 2.5" (6.4cm) tall. Fits mil-spec receivers. AR-style .308 – 73⁄8" long, 113⁄16" (4.6cm) wide, 25⁄16" (5.8cm) tall. Fits ArmaLite® AR-10®, DPMS LR-308 upper receivers and clones. Does not fit Rock River or Bushmaster.


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