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Special Deep-Hole Drill For Installing Barrel Liners

For the gunsmith who does not want to make his own drill extension, our Hi-Speed steel drills are designed especially for deep hole drilling for Brownell Barrel Liners. The hole for the liner must be drilled slightly more than halfway from each end, and the ONLY way to ensure proper joining when using a hand drill is to use these piloted drills. Special, helix angle eliminates the tendency for the drill to “pull” itself into the material and jam, saving time and headaches. The extra cost for this premium quality drill is far cheaper than ruining a customer’s gun with an off-center hole. Given proper care, will last a lifetime.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:167
Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:449
SPECS: Hi-Speed steel. 15" (38.1cm) OAL. Handles barrels up to 25" (63.5cm) length maximum. Pilot length: 1" (2.5cm). Pilot diameter: .22 - .216" (5.5mm); .25-20 - .247" (6.8mm); .38-40 - .391" (9.9mm); .44-40 - .419" (10.6mm).
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