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8-Segment, 90\ Head Gives Maximum Contact To Frame For Most Secure Bushing Installation Possible

1911 stock bushings get bunged up or lost in the field or when a pro is doing a "Master Reblue Job" they get removed to permit the finest possible polishing job. Then they have to be replaced and that can be a real chore. No more. With this special Brownells 1911 Auto Grip Bushing Staker, it's now quick and easy to get them tight on the first try. Made in 8 segments with 90° cuts between for maximum bushing contact to frame. Has "handle" and deep hole in top of Staker to prevent your 1/8" punch from slipping off. (The 1/8" punch passes thru bushing center on opposite side of frame to give clean access to bushing being replaced or tightened.) Note: Make an anvil block to support outside of bushing while it is being staked. Works great!

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SPECS: Staker head - S5 Tool Steel with Rc 57-60 hardening. 4" (10.2cm) handle.


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Style: Jobber Drill Bits