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Non-Hazardous, Biodegradable Cleaner Dissolves Grime Fast

Same proven formula that’s served the gunsmith industry for decades with a couple of new advantages: it’s pre-mixed at just the right potency for everyday gun cleaning and is bottled in a new, spray pump applicator so you can put just the right amount of cleaner exactly where you need it. Replaces harsh solvents to remove built-up powder residue, carbon and other crud inside your gun’s action and bore, plus sparkles up the exterior, metal surfaces as well. With a small brush, is unsurpassed for cleaning old, gummed-up checkering and removing caked-on grime from gunstocks. And, it dissolves tough dirt on hunting and camping gear. Odor-free so it won’t stink up your work area. Use full-strength for tough cleaning jobs or mix with water for less demanding work. Packs easily to the range for use when field stripping/cleaning or as a wipe down solution to remove dust and fingerprints. Make sure to oil metal surfaces after cleaning.

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SPECS: 4 oz. (118ml) plastic, spray bottle.
d'Solve® Gun Cleaner
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