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Apply Perfect, Custom Camo Patterns On Any Firearm Easily & Affordably

Mistake-proof, pre-cut stencils conform to any contour, so you can paint professional-looking camouflage patterns on any weapon platform. Simply peel and stick the stencils to the contours of your gun and apply your choice of paint type and color. No freehand painting is necessary. Digital is based on the current U.S. Military small pixel digital patterns like MARPAT and ACUPAT, and the Canadian CADPAT camouflage scheme. Extreme Digital is a digital tiger-stripe pattern with some additional shapes for contrast and blending. Flectar is modeled after the original German Flectar pattern and has many small, rounded, irregular shapes mixed with a few large irregular shapes. GAP is a simple, modified woodland pattern featuring large, rounded irregular shapes. DPM Woodland is patterned after the original British DPM pattern and features large irregular shapes with small branch-like accents.

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SPECS: Adhesive-backed vinyl. Each package contains enough templates to paint one long gun or several handguns.