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Genuine GUN-KOTE Spray-On/Bake-On Finish In Convenient Aerosol

The world-famous, ultra-thin, friction-reducing coating that lasts and lasts can now be applied to any clean, pre-heated metal part in as little as 2 hours without the extra expense of owning an air brush. Brownells has teamed up with KG Products to produce the genuine GUN-KOTE epoxy finish in a convenient aerosol that’s every bit as easy and foolproof to apply as our other, great, bake-on, gun finishes. You get the quality of genuine GUN-KOTE backed by Brownells no-hassle, complete satisfaction guarantee; an unbeatable combination!   

Now you can easily apply the self-lubricating benefits of molybdenum disulfide to alloy steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminum, even properly prepared nickel plating, in just minutes. Prepare, clean and pre-heat your part to 100°, spray on Brownells GUN-KOTE and allow the part to dry. Bake the part in an oven at 300° for one hour and you’re done. You’ve protected the metal parts of your valuable firearm from rust, corrosion, and scratches with a beautiful finish that will wear for years and help keep your gun looking just like new.   

Brownells GUN-KOTE is a durable, second-generation epoxy, thermo-set resin finish that will not break down, peel or dissolve. In fact, once it’s applied, the only way to remove Brownells GUN-KOTE is to abrasive blast the part. It is resistant to all known gun solvents and thinners. Each coat is approximately .0004" thick so Brownells GUN-KOTE can be used on both internal and external parts where a close-tolerance fit is required without having to worry about interference. This makes Brownells GUN-KOTE the perfect, maintenance-free coating for handgun slides and frames, shotgun receivers and magazine tubes, rifle actions and bolts, anywhere you need an ultra-thin, self-lubricating, permanent coating that protects and wears like crazy.

Cannot ship outside Continental United States. Ship UPS Ground only within U.S.


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SPECS: Aerosol - 6 oz. (170 g) weight. 

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