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Professional Bluing Salts Heating System

Made especially for bluing tank use. Engineered with the correct size pipe burner, burner holes, jets and mixing chamber to heat our Oxynate No. 7™ and give maximum efficiency. Each burner has two rows of properly sized and drilled burner holes and comes complete with mixer, orifice cap and Tee-valve. Will save you time in heating-up, and money by eliminating wasted gas. Burners available for NATURAL or LP GAS.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:417
SPECS: 45" (1.14m) long x 1-5/8" (2.8cm) diameter. Requires 11" (27.9cm). w.c. gas pressure for LP; 4"-6" w.c. for Natural Gas. 42,000 BTU capacity.