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Fast, Easy, Wipe-On, Wipe-Off Application Original High-Speed Formula Deep Penetrating

44/40 has long been one of the cold-blue standards in the industry and we here at Brownells are delighted to have purchased the original, high-speed formula and the legendary name and brought it back to its many fans.

44/40's familiar bluing action is almost magic; simply dampen a patch with 44/40, wipe it on and wipe it off immediately with a dry one. The coloring action happens instantly and the color penetrates deep into the metal for a long-lasting finish. There's no need to soak or rub for long periods. Surface preparation's easy, too; for scratches, just clean and degrease as you normally would and apply 44/40. As a blue for external/internal parts and pieces, the procedure is just as easy. Bring the surface to the finish you want, clean it and wipe-on, wipe-off. 44/40 will do the job beautifully. And, it's great for other jobs around the shop, too. The quick action and dark color makes 44/40 an excellent substitute for traditional layout fluids. The steel is darkened quickly so your layout lines will show up. There's no surface buildup of "paint" to foul up dimension readings and nothing to peel or flake off. Coat lathe and cutting tools before sharpening so you can see where you're grinding. Use 44/40 to age brass and copper in restorations, or just to reduce glare and reflection. You can literally do thousands of jobs with 44/40!

You need 44/40 on your bench; the highly active formulation makes sure that you're going to be able to expertly touch-up virtually any non-stainless gun steel and professionally blend the repair into the original finish.

For the gun shop or store, there's the proven, "sells-itself" display. It comes with a dozen, 2 ounce bottles of 44/40 in a brightly labeled, attention-getting, countertop display tray, along with a test bottle and a supply of nails so your customers can dip into 44/40 to see just how quick and easy it really is. Plus, you get cleaning patches for the "wipe-off" part of the procedure.

*Requires $17.00 Per Carton Hazardous Materials Surcharge. Cannot ship outside Continental United States. Ship UPS Ground only within U.S.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:398

SPECS: 2 oz. (59.12mL), 1 pt. (473mL), 1 qt. (946mL), 1 gal. (3.8L). Counter Display includes 12, 2 oz. bottles of 44/40, 1, ½ oz. test bottle, 18 nails and 18 patches, plus molded plastic countertop display. Carton contains 12, 2 oz. bottles. Shipping prepaid on 24 carton single purchase.

44/40, 2 OZ. BOTTLE, EACH
2 oz. 44/40®
0824400022 oz. 44/40®

Mfr Part: 13622


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Size: 2 oz

13622 FORMULA 44/40 2 OZ CTN OF 12
1 Carton 44/40®
0824400121 Carton 44/40®

Mfr Part: 13622


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Size: 2 oz

Quart 44/40®
082440032Quart 44/40®

Mfr Part: 13646


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44/40® Counter Display
08244000044/40® Counter Display

Mfr Part: 136122


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Size: 2 oz