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Tough, Easy-To-Use, Deep-Colored Professional Touch-Up Blue

T-4 is in the catalog because of customer demand. As Maynard Buehler said: "THIS is the BEST yet." Every time a new gun blue comes on the market, we test it on a piece of gun barrel. We blue three spots: one with the new blue, one with Oxpho- Blue™ and one with T-4. One day later we start rubbing all three areas with steel wool until one of them starts wearing off. So far, Oxpho Blue™ is toughest and T-4 next. However, for ease of application and deep density of color, T-4 is superior. Its ability to touch-up wear areas and scratches instantly has made it a favorite. Absolutely Guaranteed!

Cannot ship outside Continental United States. Ship UPS Ground only within U.S.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:420
SPECS: 4 oz. (118.2ml), 8 oz. (236ml), 16 oz. (473ml), 32 oz. (.946L) or 1 gallon net contents.
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