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Special Additive For Bluing Heat-Treated Steels & Cast Irons

Something we all have been looking for - for a long time. Prevents red colors from forming on heat-treated steels; makes possible the bluing of 95% of all cast irons. Prevents bath breakdown when a little copper is present, or a little brazing has been done. Produces deeper color. Shortens in-tank time, increases production. Maintains corrosion resistance of the bluing. Altho' it appears a little expensive in the undiluted state, 1 pint will treat up to 8 gallons (at 2 oz. per gallon), or 2 operating bluing tanks of Oxynate No. 7™. So - in the long haul - Oxynate "S" is one of the cheapest additions you can make to your bluing setup. Full, detailed instructions. Must be added when no guns in tank; wait 30 minutes before bluing.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:394
SPECS: 1 pt. (473ml) or 1 qt. (.946L) net contents in plastic bottle.