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Chamber-22"x22"x13" 2000\ F. Max Temp. 5760 Watts

The right size and temperature range for color case hardening with enough interior room to color harden a revolver frame or rifle action. Two heating elements, recessed into the side walls, provide more usable interior space and even heat flow. A separate rheostat for each element, plus the included electronic pyrometer with remote sensor, help you maintain efficient control of temperature. Swing open door for easy access. Three ports for viewing or inserting temperature probe. Fully lined with firebrick for maximum heating efficiency. Maximum temperature 2,000° F. (1,093° C.).

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:407

SPECS: Steel case. Outside dimensions - 30-1⁄2" (77.4cm) wide, 27" (68.5cm) deep, 23" (58.4cm) high. Chamber dimensions - 22" (55.8cm) wide, 22" deep, 13" (33cm) high. 6,292 cu. in. inside. 330 lb. (123 kg) weight. 240V/50-60hz/24 amp./5,760 watts.

Extra Large Heat Treat Furnace
919060912Extra Large Heat Treat Furnace

Mfr Part: 221079


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