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Add Beautiful, Tough, Nickel Plating Capabilities To Your Shop

Beautiful, bright nickel plating in your shop without use of an electric power supply transformer or the hazards of cyanide salts. Finish is as lustrous as the very best of professional electroplating but tougher, more flexible (it will bend 180° without damage) and more rust resistant (240 continuous hours of salt spray). This remarkable process will pay for your total investment with the first four or five jobs you do - from then on, the best of pro-fits for yourself, and products for your customer. (All the components can be shipped to you by UPS.)

Our Electroless Nickel Plating is easy to apply, requiring a minimum of special equipment and no technical knowledge. By following our thorough, step-by-step instructions, the plating you do will be equal in looks and quality to that of the most experienced commercial shop. Plus, electroless nickel plating has the following features:-

•Can be soldered, brazed and welded.
•Excellent resistance to corrosion.
•Plated contact surfaces give smoother action.
•Micro-Smooth structure - far superior to electroplating.
•No extensive after-polishing for high luster.
•Lay-Flat molecular lattice - no humps and ridges, thin edges or bulges around screw holes as with electroplated nickel - nor any "needle pointing" of pins and screws.
•Even thickness of nickel overall.
•With experience and the use of stop-off lacquer from a plating supply house, worn parts (pins - “ways”, etc.) can be built up or tightened as much as .001" and “nickel lubricated”, too.
•Nickel stripper available that requires no cyanide!

Send for free instruction booklet which gives step-by-step procedures and also tells you how to make your own tank, stirrer and hot-plate setup.


A real opportunity to add a money making service to your shop. Note:- Charges for nickel plating run from $165 to $250, and more, depending upon finish and gun (much of the pricing depends upon how much pre-polishing is necessary).


Electroless Nickel Plating requires using four, easy-to-mix chemicals which we carry in concentrated form. Details and exact quantities of the mixtures are fully described in the instruction book, available at no charge . . . just ask for it.

Electroless Nickel Plating Concentrate No. A-1 - One gallon (3.8L) of concentrate makes 5 gallons (19L) of plating solution; no need to mix all at one time. One gallon of mixed plating solution will plate 142 sq. inches (916 sq. cm) of metal at 195° F.

Electroless Nickel Plating Additive No. B-1 - Used at the rate of 41/2 oz. (133ml) per gallon when mixing the final solution for Nickel Plating Solution.



Note: Top two chemicals below are required to make Plating Solution. Will plate from 5 large to 25 small guns. Bottom two chemicals are required to make Activator solution. *Requires Additional Hazardous Materials Surcharge.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:428
Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:434
Hydrochloric Acid 1 Quart
082013032Hydrochloric Acid 1 Quart


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No. A-1 Nickel Plating Solution, 1 gallon concentrate
082011128No. A-1 Nickel Plating Solution, 1 gallon concentrate


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