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NRA Official Trigger Weights For Referees, Juries, Gun Shops & Shooters

Made to the exacting needs of match referees and international juries, and ideal for gunsmiths to ensure accurate trigger pull testing. Roller ends on both long and short hanging rods automatically keep the weight in the trigger curve. Base with either rod weighs 500 grams. Adding a 1 lb. weight to Base and Add-On gives 1360 grams for international rules.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:455
SPECS: 2" diameter. Short Rod, 12" long. Long Rod, 21" long. Blued steel. Full System includes: Long and Short Rods; Base Weight; 2, 500g Weights; Add-On Weight; (2), 1 lb. (.45kg) Weights; (1), ½ lb. (226g) Weight.

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