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Smooth, Precise Mechanism; Accurate LED Readout In .00005" Increments

Superb-quality, full-function outside micrometers provide precise measurements of objects up to 1" (25mm) in increments as small as .00005" (.001mm), accurate to ±0001" (±002mm). Large, easy-to-read high-contrast LCD minimizes risk of errors. Switchable between inch and millimeters output, with a convenient measurement “hold” button. May be zeroed in any position, at any spindle location. Rugged, precise one-piece spindle, with micro-lapped carbide measuring faces, smooth-operating one-piece friction thimble to maintain uniform pressure, and a ring-type knurled lock. In case of battery failure, calibration marks on thimble still let you read the measurement. Switches off when not used for more than 20 minutes to preserve battery life, but retains the last reading next time you turn it back on. 3734 model has a tapered frame for use in tight places, and is designed for general use. 796 model adds an IP67 level of protection against liquids, dust, and other hazardous materials associated with shop environments. Immersible to a depth of 1 meter.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:463
New Product Supplement, Issue:631, Page:021

SPECS: Frame - Steel, black crackle finish. Thimble/Sleeve – Steel, satin chrome finish. Measurement range: .0000" to 1" (25mm) in increments of .00005" (.001mm). Accurate to ±.0001" (±.002mm). Both models come with plastic storage case, adjustment wrench, batteries, and instructions. 3734 – 5¾" (14.6cm) long, 21⁄8" (5.3cm) high. Uses one CR-2032 lithium battery, included. 796 – 5¾" long, 2¼" (2.3cm) high. Uses two CR-2032 lithium batteries, included.


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