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Direct, Digital Readout In Both Inches And Millimeters

Deluxe features in a moderately priced, precision caliper. Easy-to-see, LCD digital readout takes the guesswork out of measuring. Gives inside, outside and depth functions. Manual on/off switch. Push button zero allows pre-selection of a zero dimension and plus or minus comparison for sorting of parts based on variation. Single toggle button and dual beam graduations give instant inch and millimeter conver-sions. Reads to 6"/150mm with .0005"/.01mm resolution and .001"/0.1mm accuracy.

1911, Issue:10, Page:066
Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:463
Mini-Catalogs, Issue:05, Page:005
Sinclair, Issue:4A, Page:032
SPECS: Stainless steel beam, jaws and rollers. 9¼" (23.4cm) long. Includes foam-padded, plastic case and battery.