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Easily Removes Broken Cases Without Field Stripping

Case head separation from over-fired or out of spec brass won’t ruin your shooting experience if you keep one of these handy tools in your pocket or field kit. Hardened, steel tool reliably and easily removes broken cases from AR-type or any other firearm chambered for the .223/5.56 NATO or .308/7.62 NATO cartridges. Exclusive, threaded, two-piece design is adjustable for overall length, so the tool completely engages the rim of the case mouth; cannot slip through or strip out. Very simple to use, drop the broken shell extractor into the chamber directly inside the broken case. Allow the bolt to close so the extractor engages the rim of the tool and draw back the bolt to open the chamber. The broken case will eject along with the broken shell extractor.

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SPECS: Steel, blue. Models for .223 Remington/5.56 NATO or .308 Winchester/7.62 NATO cartridges.

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