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Foolproof, Military Design For Tightest Tubes

Easy-to-use adaptation of a proven armorer's tool lets you secure the plunger tube to the frame without fear of tube crush or expensive frame damage. Adjustable to fit all makes of frames and tubes for both installing and re-tightening. Beveled jaws allow easy frame access; hardened crimping point assures long tool life. Plunger Tube Support slips inside plunger tube and prevents compression damage while tube is being staked to frame.

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SPECS: Steel, 7" (17cm) long. Crimper Kit includes crimper and plunger tube support. Includes external reinforcing block. Plunger Tube Support - Hardened steel. 4" (10.2cm) long, .106" (2.7mm) diameter. Step is .300" (7.6mm) long, .090" (2.3mm) diameter. Replacement Tip - 10-32 tpi fits current crimpers, 8-32 tpi fits all older crimpers.