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Tighten Slide-To-Frame Tolerances Without Over-Squeezing or Damage

Tools developed by noted pistolsmith Jim Stroh help you produce an exceptionally tight slide-to-frame fit for better accuracy without loss of clearance for reliable cycling. Eliminate accuracy robbing slide slop and uneven spots to produce a uniform slide/rail gap as small as .0005" on carbon steel guns. All components are precision machined from high-quality steel or aluminum barstock; instructions included. Slide Tightening Blocks use the powerful mechanical advantage of your bench-mounted vise to produce controlled, incremental squeezing of the slide to tighten its fit to the frame. Lets you tighten a stainless steel slide to run on a stainless steel frame with as little as .001"-.002" clearance without risk of galling. Should be used with the Slide Tightening Stop to prevent overtightening and damage to the slide. Specially heat treated aluminum alloy won’t deform under pressure and won’t mar the slide; kit includes two vise blocks and steel fulcrum rod. Slide Tightening Stop fits between the slide rails to set correct dimensions and prevent deformation of the slide while applying pressure with the Tightening Blocks. Tighten until the stop cannot be moved in the slide, release pressure, move the stop and blocks down the slide, and apply pressure in the new location. Repeat procedure until the entire slide/frame contact area has been tightened. Rail Gauge – Use in conjunction with a caliper’s depth-measuring feature or a depth micrometer to measure depth of frame rails for selecting a correct-size spacer bar for peening the rails to eliminate vertical slide movement.

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SPECS: Tightening Blocks – Aluminum, 1” (2.5 cm) square, 3” (7.6cm) high. Tightening Stop – Steel, machined. Adjusts from .701” (17.9mm) to .852” (21.6mm) in width. Rail Gauge – Steel. 5-7⁄8"(14.9cm) long, ¾” (1.9cm) wide.
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