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Install rear sights perfectly centered in the dovetail on multiple pistols to include but not limited to the 1911, Glock, Browning High Power, and SIG Sauer style pistols.
Quick and accurate installation of rear sights when doing multiple sight installations on the same type of pistol


  1. Place your slide into recess of eagle maker and match up the dovetail height with the adjustment screw
  2. Once you find which hole is right for your slide insert the set screw with locknut into corresponding hole
  3. Measure width of slide and width of sight. Subtract the width of the sight from the width of the slide and divide by two
  4. This is the measurement you will need to adjust the adjustment screw until it protrudes to that measurement
  5. Tighten the lock nut and secure the Eagle Maker and slide in the vise
  6. Tap the sight over until it stops on the adjustment screw

Your rear sight is now centered