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Secure Support For Easy Cleaning & Maintenance Of Flattop Rifles

Custom platform for flattop AR-15/M16 rifles securely supports the upper and lower receivers for cleaning or light maintenance. Holds the gun so both hands are free, and positions it so you can easily get to hard-to-reach areas. Barrel support tower slides to adjust for any barrel length, and fits a standard or oversized bull barrel. Self-contained System includes the barrel tower, a full-length base, lower receiver block that fits into the mag well, and an upper block that clamps to the receiver rail. Component kit includes only the barrel tower and receiver blocks, for direct mounting to the top of your workbench.

AR-15, Issue:10, Page:080
Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:080

SPECS: Base – Aluminum, anodized, black, with steel rails. 28¾" long, 5½" wide, ¾" thick. Tower/Blocks - Fiber-filled injection-molded polymer resin, black. Fits any AR-15/M16 lower receiver; accepts flattop upper receiver only.