Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Most Popular Gunsmith Taps And Drills Used To Mount Sights & Scopes

The most common and frequently used drills and tapsin any gun shop - large or small - are the ones used to mount sights and scopes. And…there are literally thousands of these popular and profitable jobs to be done by gunsmiths.

So, Bob B. put together this assortment of the tap-hole and clearance drills, plus the taper, plug and bottom taps needed to do these jobs right. Then, added a professional type "T"-handled tap wrench, and a complete cross reference chart showing the proper tap-hole drill and clearance drill size for each tap included. Plus, a 1 oz. sample of Do-Drill™ (the world's best drill/tapping oil) in a dropper-top bottle, and a tough, compact bench box.

This is one heck of a kit, guys. Tools used are top-quality. Taps are all Carbon steel so when you break one in a hole (and you might as well accept the fact that you will!) you can shatter the broken piece still in the hole with a punch and pick out the pieces. (H.S. taps just peen over, and can be bloody awful to get out!) Drills are standard, replaceable High Speed Steel.

Whether you're just getting your shop set up, or been at it a while, this is one kit you need on your bench - 'cause it's the one you're going to use most often.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:448

SPECS: Sizes: 3-56; 5-44; 6-40; 6-48; 8-40 and 10-32, giving you 18 taps, 12 drills, Do-Drill, Tap Wrench and Bench Box.