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For Lightning-Fast, No-Fumble Bit Changes

The latest addition to the Magna-Tip family offers internal bit storage and an exclusive pump-action mechanism for lightning fast bit changes at the flick of your hand without touching a bit. You get the Magna-Tip system’s legendary precision, durability, and quality combined with convenience and easy operation that’ll make you wonder how you lived without it. With internal storage for six, standard 1" Magna-Tip bits, the Autoloader eliminates fumbling with loose bits during bit changes. Simply retract the handle, twist it until the indexing arrow points to the bit you want, and push the handle back in. The new bit pops out, ready to use. A powerful magnet retains the bit securely, yet allows you to remove it easily and put a new one in its place. Forget the hassle of losing bits in toolbox clutter or getting to the job with the driver but not the bits; with the Autoloader, you have the bit you need immediately. It’s a must-have tool for professional armorers—make your own gun-specific Autoloader to speed up big maintenance projects. Driver shaft and body of professional-grade, chrome-plated steel are built for hard use. A window of clear, high-impact polymer ensures quick bit identification. Anti-roll polymer handle, with easy-to-see bit indexing arrow and convenient thumb rest, is ergonomically designed for secure purchase regardless of hand size for maximum torque transfer to the screw. A rotating collar just below bit chamber allows final adjustment of bit position and an extra grasping surface to stabilize the driver for precision jobs.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:66, Page:456

SPECS: Steel, chrome plated, and polymer. 7-5⁄8" (19.4cm) long with bit retracted, 1-3⁄8" (3.5cm) diameter handle. Accepts 1” long Magna-Tip bits;


Magna-Tip Autoloader
080000527Magna-Tip Autoloader

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