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Apply An Exact Amount Of Pre-Set Tightening Force; Accepts All Magna-Tip Bits

Precision-adjustable torque driver ensures that you apply the exact amount of leverage needed to accurately tighten a wide variety of gun screws, including action screws and screws for scope rings and mounts. Adjustable from 10 to 70 in-lb. in 1 in-lb. increments to eliminate guesswork and prevent under- or over-tightening screws—no more stripped threads or broken-off screw heads. Rugged, 3/8" square drive bit locks positively to the included socket adapter to let you use any Magna-Tip bit. The adapter’s clip-style chuck grasps the bit securely to prevent slipping or falling out. Streamlined, teardrop-shaped handle provides a secure grip for maximum leverage and even transfer of tightening force. To change torque setting, lift the handle, turn it to the desired setting indicated through the easy-to-read window scale, and push back in until it snaps firmly into place. A self-limiting clutch “clicks” free when the specified amount of torque is reached, preventing further tightening and possible damage to components. Rubber-coated aluminum body provides additional gripping surface and protects your gun from scratches. Sturdy, hard-side carrying case included.

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SPECS: Steel, aluminum housing with synthetic rubber cover, and high-impact plastic handle. 7-1⁄8" (18cm) length overall. Hand Grip - 6-1⁄8" (15.6cm) long, 2” (5cm) wide. Adjustable 10 - 70 in-lb., 1 in.-lb. increments. Socket adapter and injection-molded carry case included.