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24 Bits To Update Your Older Super-Set?

We put this Kit together for our many customers that have one of the Super-Sets produced before the change to thicker bits. Gives you all the thicker bits we now include in the Super-Set, plus a clear, plastic case and convenient oak wood block to hold your 18 thin-bits after you make the switch. To convert your Super-Set, simply remove all nine -1 and -2 thickness blades; move the remaining bits down two places, then fill in the holes with the Update Set.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:470

SPECS: Kit: Bit numbers 120-4, 120-5, 120-6, 150-5,150-6, 180-5, 180-6, 210-5, 210-6, 210-7, 240-5, 240-6, 240-7, 270-5, 270-6, 270-7, 300-6, 300-7, 340-6, 340-7, 340-8, 360-7, 360-8, H8102XX square recess bit, Oak Bench Block w/18 drilled recesses, clear, plastic case and new-style Super-Set Box Lid Label.