Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Durable, Rock-Solid; Non-Marring

Tough, long-wearing, rawhide mallets cushion the blow to prevent marring or denting wood and metal. Tightly wound rawhide is impregnated with resin to provide a high-strength, rock-solid hammer head. Large head size provides increased surface area without adding additional weight. Ideal for use on broad-faced striking surfaces in a large variety of applications.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:433
SPECS: Head - Rawhide, resin impregnated, contains lead. Handle - Hickory. 8 oz. - 2½” (6.3cm) long, 1¼” (3.4cm) dia., 9” (22.9cm) high. 12 oz. - 3” (7.6cm) long, 1½” (3.8cm) dia., 10” (25.4cm) high.
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Size: 1 1/2

Style: Rawhide

Weight: 12 oz

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Size: 1 1/4

Style: Rawhide

Weight: 8 oz