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Convert Your 870 Into A Fast-Handling Self-Defense Shotgun

The Remington 870 Stock-Upgrade Kit contains a complete replacement stock/forend set, plus a specialized forend wrench, to upgrade your 12 gauge 870 to a fast-handling self-defense/tactical shotgun. The Speedfeed TACIII Model 0250 pistol-grip stock improves the control and maneuverability of the Remington 870 pump shotgun. The minimum-drop, straight-line buttstock and pistol grip work together to provide extra leverage to help you hold the muzzle down for faster follow-up shots. The stock has a recoil-absorbing rubber buttpad, a comfortable 14" length of pull, and two handy shell-storage tubes behind the pistol grip that hold a total of four spare rounds. The short "law enforcement"-style forend gives you a secure grip for fast racking of the action. The Speedfeed set is made from durable, poly-resin material for years of service, and fits only 12 gauge 870 pump shotguns.

The kit also includes Brownells 870 Forend Wrench, which is piloted to ensure that it stays properly centered when you loosen the Action Slide Tube Nut to reduce the risk of damaging the forend or the nut. Installation also requires a long-shank flat-blade screwdriver, a vise with padded jaws, and an extra-long Phillips-head screwdriver designed for working on buttpads. Brownells offers these items, or you may already have them on your workbench.

To learn more about installing the Remington 870 Stock-Upgrade Kit, please watch the accompanying installation video.

Download the Brownells DIY Remington 870 Stock Upgrade Kit Instructions.

SPECS: Kit contains Speedfeed TACIII Model 0250 buttstock and forend set, Brownells 870 Forend Wrench, and installation instructions.


Discontinued by Brownells

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.