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Essential Tools Needed To Build, Customize Or Rebarrel Any AR

Convenient kit has essential tools you need to build, repair, or modify a custom AR-15/M16 rifle—without duplicating the common tools you already have. Includes a top-quality Smith Enterprise Armorers Wrench, necessary for installation and removal of any barrel with either encapsulated or peg-style barrel nuts. Also use for flash hider installation/removal. The Lower Receiver Vise Block snaps into the lower receiver just like a magazine and provides a secure clamping surface for a vise without risk of damaging or distorting the receiver. Heavy-duty clamshell Upper Receiver Action Block lets you clamp the upper in a vise to remove or install the barrel or perform other work without crushing, twisting, or damaging it with the vise or when torquing the barrel nut. Fits carry handle and flattop receivers. The Pivot Pin Detent Depressor retracts the spring-loaded detent, so you can remove the pivot pin completely from the receiver. The Pivot Pin Detent Installation Tool retains the detent and spring while installing the pivot pin. The Bolt Catch Pin Punch has a flat handle that clears the left side of the mag well for easy removal of the bolt catch pivot pin by driving it to the rear. DO NOT USE ON BILLET UPPERS OR DAMAGE TO THE UPPER CAN RESULT.

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SPECS: Armorer’s Wrench - 17-4 stainless steel, black finish. Fits barrels up to 1¼" O.D. Lower Receiver Vise Block - High-density urethane plastic, black. Receiver Action Block - Injection-molded Rynite, black. Fits A1, A2, and standard flattop receivers. Pivot Pin Detent Depressor/Detent Install Tool/Bolt Catch Pin Punch – Steel, black oxide finish.

AR-15/M16 Critical Tools Kit
080000812AR-15/M16 Critical Tools Kit


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