Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

  • Emergency preparedness kit includes the essential Remington 870 components and tools
  • In an easy to carry and store kit
  • Allows for quick repair in the field or away from the workbench 


  • Ammo Box - Dry storage box is based on the popular .30-cal. U.S. military ammo can.
  • Field Repair Kit – 1 each: Firing pin, firing pin spring, firing pin retaining pin, 12/16/20 gauge extractor, extractor plunger, extractor spring, magazine spring retainer (old style), magazine spring retainer (new style), front and rear trigger detent springs.
  • Magazine Follower
  • Forend Wrench - Double-ended steel socket that lets you take the forend-retaining nut off without damaging, or removing, the forend.

SPECS: Ammo box - Molded polypropylene plastic, black. 13½" (34.3cm) long, 7½" (19cm) wide, 5¼" (13cm) high. 22.8 oz. (646g) wt. Forend Wrench - Steel, black oxide finish. 12 ga. – 6" (15.2cm) long. Large End – 1.32" (3.3cm) outside diameter. Small End– 1.2" (3cm) outside diameter.