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 The 1911 Armorers plate is designed to assist the 1911 user in holding the weapon while disassembling, cleaning, repairs and reassembly of the firearm. The Synthetic Polymer Block will hold the firearm and its components in a secure position yet not mar or scratch the firearms surface's.

Supplied with our 1911 is a single stack pistol post. The pistol post can also be used on any of our Gunner's Mounts with or without the swivel. 1911 Armorers Plate is machine cut with two parts trays/pockets to keep weapon components from drifting off. 1911 Armorers Plate is machine drilled to hold the frame secure by the grip bushings when removing the Main Spring Housing Pin. Machine cut to hold the Barrel secure for Barrel Link Pin removal, accomodate Barrel Link Pin when removed, and accommodate the inverted small swivel.

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The Main Spring Housing, when held down and pushed on the swivel pin, enables easy removal of the Main Spring Cap Pin . No need to set up in a vise for removal. Present Arms Inc. is pleased to introduce our Patent Pending 1911 Fixture Block.The ideal mount to assist the 1911 Armorer in disassembly, reassembly, repairs and critical inspection of the 1911 Pistol. The Block is machined from a Synthetic Polymer Block, strong enough to hold the components in a secure positions yet will not mar or scratch component surface's.

The 1911 Fixture Block mounts on our 1911 Armorers Plate. When used with our swivel and single stack pistol mount it holds the pistol in a convenient 45 degree angle, ergonomically ideal for complete disassembly and reassembly of the 1911. The positioning and holding of the pistol frame makes installation of the Sear and Disconnector a little easier. Precision Tool Steel Pins, sized and mounted to +/- .001" of spec. Tighter than the original +/- .002" Government specs. Just asJohn Moses Browning would have wanted it. Precision Tool Steel Pins mounted precisely to hold the Hammer and Sear for interface/engagement inspection. Precision Tool Steel Pins mounted precisely over a drill hole located to assist in Hammer Strut Pin removal.Strategically cut to hold the Grip Safety when necessary to dress the Trigger Bow interface. Strategically drilled to hold the Thumb safety when necessary to dress the Sear interface. Strategically drilled to hold the Thumb safety when necessary to dress the Plunger interface. Cross drilled to hold Internal Extractors when necessary to load for secure grip on shell rim for extraction. One Block, One mount, no need for a bench vise to hold a variety of jigs and fixtures. Packs up with the Armorer Plate, take it with you. A must for every serious 1911 owner from casual shooter to the professional, Military, Law Enforcement, and Armorer. No 1911 owner should be without the 1911 Fixture block. Know your firearm, keep it clean, up to spec, and in operational readiness at all times. Your life may depend on it.

1911, Issue:11, Page:054
Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:144

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