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Inspection Plate Pro w/small swivel & Pistol Mag Post

  • Hands free access and usage.
  • Multiple adapters that include fixed and 360 degree rotation for ergonomic and unrestricted access to your firearm.
  • Stable platform ensuring a secure hold on your firearm while performing hands free inspection, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Makes disassemble and maintenance user friendly.

Keep all of your dissembled parts under visual and physical control
Set includes magazine mount, swivel and plate.

Magazine Post Single Stack 1911

Magazine Post, Double Stack Narrow- Fits Beretta M92, S&W 5600, S&W M&P 9, 40, and 357, Sig P226

Magazine Post, Double Stack Wide- Fits S&W M&P 45, Glock 9 and 40

Swivel Plug, Small, Pistol Magazine- The small swivel can be used with our Gunners Mount or any of our other Gunners Mount Plates. It allows 360 degree rotation for ease of handling in cleaning, assembling and disassembling your firearm. This swivel functions on all of our work stations.

Swivel Plug, Large, Large Pin- The large swivel can be used with our Gunners Mount for support while working on long guns such as the AR-15/M16.? 

SPECS: Magazine Post, Double Stack Wide - Fits S&W M&P 45, Glock 9 and 40.